Inclusion in teaching scenarios

A contemporary school is a school for all students, it is inclusive and allows for each student to progress according to his/her abilities, whether he/she is gifted or has learning difficulties.
Therefore, in order for the teaching scenarios to achieve their purpose and contribute to the quality of education, it is necessary to ensure their accessibility to all students.

In each teaching scenario, the particularities of its application in support procedures are highlighted. Support procedures are proposed with each activity, but because of the limited space with each activity, only procedures for working with students with a particular type of difficulty are listed.

In addition, detailed “Didaktičko-metodičke upute za prirodoslovne predmete i matematiku za učenike s teškoćama” (Didactic-methodological instructions for natural sciences and mathematics for disabled students) were created, helping teachers to more easily find an approach to teaching during teaching scenarios. Proposals are given in relation to those activities that are most used in the teaching scenarios, and are enriched with proposals of methods and forms of work. This document is available in Croatian.